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Providing timely information in a time of uncertainty

Joe Talik

Joe Talik

Senior Advisor, The Outsourcing Institute


What a trying month this has been - chaotic, stressful, and maybe even surreal. If there was ever a time for a global discussion - connecting, sharing, and support from a community of peers - now is indeed the time. If you're like the many Outsourcing Institute members who have contacted us, you're concerned about the current economic environment. You're wondering where this is all heading, and what impact it will have on your company, your current priorities, and even your job. You're not alone, and we are committed to helping.

In response to current historic circumstances, this portal has been opened to allow all members of the outsourcing ecosystem around the world to connect and support each other. The Outsourcing Institute's Project Emergency Access Portal will be the key destination for documents, web links and webinars focused on the discussion and knowledge base to finding the silver lining in the rain cloud of the economic conditions facing us today. Each month we provide updated information and timely content from all the spectrums of the outsourcing world tailored to helping our readers understand the direction of outsourcing during these trying times.

Sharing documents and web links from this portal will help all the active viewers of this site. Therefore, we encourage you to send us relevant content in the form of articles or web links, provide suggestions, and participate in the webinars to add greater value to this portal for all your fellow members and yourself.

Joe Talik

Joe welcomes your suggestions and requests. He can be reached at jtalik@optonline.net

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US Economy Challenges Will Impact Outsourcing Vendors

The US economy is headed for a huge downturn now, being affected by the institutions loaning money to consumers and businesses. Past loan practices used for mortgages and business loans over the past several decades and precarious borrowing practices have created high risk on paybacks and loan fulfillment.
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Outsourcing Economic Crisis Report

This last month (September 2008) has been a wake-up call for people around the globe. The reign of never ending prosperity has come to a grinding halt. As companies line up for bail outs, others are looking into the future with a sense of uncertainty.
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In today's sourcing environment the techniques of benchmarking can be applied at any point in a deal, or importantly, before a contract is struck.
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Opportunities Amidst the Gloom: The Financial Sector is Ripe for IT and BPO Services

Despite the uncertainty and current economic gloom, these really are opportunistic times for the global IT and business process outsourcing industry. Outsourcing thrives on mergers, disruptions, corporate restructuring, cost-containment needs, and business changes. Additionally, tough economies have proven historically to be lucrative markets for increased outsourcing: remember the 2001 recession and subsequent deal activity.
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BPO Innovations Conference

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Project Emergency Access December Webinar

Where does the outsourcing industry go from here?
Phil Fersht of AMR Research and HorsesforSources.com

Mon, Dec 15, 2008 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST
Registration Web Link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/949158876

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