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Call Center ROI Calculator


Time-Saving, Powerful Wizards Estimate the Bottom-Line Impact of Outsourcing for Your Individual Business.

These easy-to-use interactive “wizards” will determine (or demonstrate) the economic value of outsourcing for any individual business and outsourcing type.  You can show any management team the decision-making calculations they need to determine the value and strategy for any individual business. 

Just input the assumptions for your individual business and you get, in addition to a calculations for savings, time of payback, risk of not investing in outsourcing, and more.

At the end you’ll also get a detailed report describing your business case, benefits summary, and a detailed explanation of numerous indicators of the benefits and risks for your outsourcing situation. 

According to the Forum Corporation, the average organization is losing between 15 and 35 percent of its customers annually, with 69 percent of these defections due to poor sales or service interactions. In addition, according to Forrester Research, by the end of 2002 E-mail will grow to 17.3 percent of a companys total number of contacts with customers, while contacts by way of the web will leap to 17.1 percent. It is evident from this data that, for a company to remain competitive in the E-business environment, a professional and productive contact center must be maintained. Todays contact center must be able to accommodate telephone, E-mail, and Internet transactions in an efficient and cost effective manner. Also, so that contact center agents may have access to vital customer data, an interface to the company CRM systems is required. Staffing of the contact center is critical. Customers must have access to qualified agents in the shortest period of time. Maintaining a competent staff of contact center agents can be difficult and expensive. Reducing agent turn over is key to controlling training and HR costs. In the contact center, efficiency and professionalism is the key to success. Sophisticated software and tools are required to ensure the companys goals for contact center operation are achieved. Contact center outsourcing provides a means to insure that the contact center will meet the client needs and the business goals of the enterprise.

Outsourced Contact Center Solutions spread the Contact Center infrastructure costs over the providers entire customer base. Provider customer service representatives utilize state-of-the art Contact Center tools provided by both the provider and other world class suppliers. Contact Center providers proactively recruit the top reps from the clients in-house Call Center to ensure a smooth transition. Because of better career advancement opportunities due to the scale of call center outsourcing operations, customer service representative turnover is less than half of in-house operations. High morale and the best tools combine to provide the industries best service levels.

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