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About the Awards:

Vantage Partners and the Outsourcing Institute established the annual RMMY Awards in 2008 to broaden the dialogue about the importance of relationship management in achieving value, and to raise the bar for the industry.  “Effective governance and relationship management is what sets apart the outsourcing deals that deliver the greatest value from those that fail,” said Danny Ertel, a founding partner of Vantage Partners.  “The RMMYs shine a much-needed spotlight on those providers that have gone beyond 'talking the talk' to actually investing in developing the skills, processes, tools, and metrics to manage relationships effectively.”

Frank Casale, CEO of the Outsourcing Institute, noted, “When it comes to relationship management, it ‘takes two to tango’ – the way buyers manage the relationship matters as much as the way providers do.  Providers, though, as professional service organizations serving multiple customers, are in a unique position to lead the way.”

The RMMY Awards aim to recognize those providers that are investing in their organizational capability to build working relationships that deliver value.  In 2008 and 2009, a number of great providers applied, and demonstrated some really interesting relationship management practices.

Providers and buyers are continually being pushed to get even more innovative when it comes to relationship management.  Fewer dollars are available for face-to-face meetings that help people get to know one another as individuals, and the pressure is higher to do more with less.  “We know that there are some very effective relationship management approaches and practices out there,” said Danny Ertel, Partner with Vantage Partners.  “I suspect we’ll see even more of that creativity and experience come through in 2010.”

Said Frank Casale of the Outsourcing Institute, “The 2008 and 2009 RMMY winners have set the standard.  We can’t wait to see the ways providers will up the ante next year.”

To listen to a podcast interview with Donald Mones, Vice President at The McGraw-Hill Companies and 2009-2010 RMMY judge, about his advice to providers on relationship management and lessons from the 2009 RMMY awards click here.

To download a copy of “2008 RMMY Awards: A View of Best-in-Class”, an article outlining  lessons learned from the 2008 applications written by the 2008 RMMY judges, click here to read the best-in-class document